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Export licensing and Compliance.

When it comes to export licensing or compliance with the ITAR or the EAR, why take chances?

For over 20 years, FD Associates has provided expert guidance to companies exporting commodities and services controlled for export under the ITAR and EAR. Our team of export compliance specialists offers hands-on practical experience in the day-to-day aspects of shipping and exporting under the ITAR. We can be a one-stop resource for companies in: 
  • Assessing The Specific Export Compliance and Licensing  Needs Of Your Company.
  • Recommending, Developing And Implementing An Export Compliance System.
  • Providing Licensing Support Including Preparation, Submission and Liaison with Government Reviewers.
  • Providing ITAR and EAR Export Compliance Training, Either at Your Company’s Facilities or at our Semi-Annual Export Seminars . 
  • Conducting ITAR and EAR Audits and Procedures Reviews
  • Provide Assistance in Preparing Voluntary Disclosures Related to ITAR and EAR Non-Compliance
When it comes to export compliance consulting and export licensing services, why take chances with novices, newbies or “virtual” companies? FD Associates is the premier export consulting company providing clients professional, accessible resources with experience in all aspects of exporting and compliance with the ITAR and the EAR. See "Our Associates" for more information on our personnel or call us for a free consultation at 703-847-5801 or email info@fdassociates.net.
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ITAR 126.18 – Foreign Licensees Dual and Third Country National Employee’s


By Jenny Hahn, Vice President

FD Associates, Inc.

703-847-5806 or


In 2011, the ITAR was amended to address concerns from US foreign partner nations concerning violation of  their privacy laws, as a result of questions raised by US companies related to the nationality of persons assigned to work on ITAR programs and receive ITAR regulated data or hardware. The Arms Export Control Act, which is implemented though the ITAR, requires that transfers to all countries/persons/parties be authorized. The AECA looks at the nationality of the individual and deems nationality to pertain to both birthplace and citizenship. Prior to 2011, unless expressly enumerated in a license or agreement, the AECA/ITAR limited release of hardware or technical data by the foreign party to only employees with birth place and citizenship of the licensed country or countries. .  read more ...

Does Your Export Compliance Program Past the Muster?… By Jenny Hahn, Vice President , FD Associates, Inc


To Register or Not, That Is The Question… By Jenny Hahn, Vice President , FD Associates, Inc.

Use of EAR License Exception STA – Are you ready??-By Jenny Hahn, Vice President

Export Control Reform - a 60 day snapshot, by Jenny Hahn, Vice President, FD Associates, Inc.

ITAR consent agreements – why Raytheon, Meggitt and Aeroflex got fined in 2013

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Fae Daniels, founder of FD Associates talks to Voice of Russia correspondent Stephen Schabes in a radio interview on US Government's Export Control Reform Initiative (ECRI).



FD Associates ECR V Workshop on USML Category XI Changes Effective December 30, 2014

If you missed our prior workshops on the changes to USML Category XI, don’t miss your chance January 15, 2015, only a few days after the effective change to the category.

This one-day workshop will focus on changes to the ITAR as a result of ECR (Export Control Reform). We will take an in-depth review of revised USML Category XI that will become effective December 30, 2014. We will review corresponding Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) 3A611 on the Commerce Control List for items transferred to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) as a result of ECR. We will examine how to determine if a license is required for the export of these items, if there is an EAR License Exception available, and how to make exports.

This is a small group workshop for export compliance specialists and licensing personnel, sign up early  to ensure your place!.

 Please see brochure for more information or to register, please contact Tracy at 703-847-5801.

January 15, 2015

ECR V – USML Category XI

February 12, 2015

ITAR Basics - Brochure

March 12, 2015

EAR Basics

April 16, 2015

ITAR Empowered Officials

May 14, 2015

Export Control Reform – the ITAR, 600/500 series and the EAR

 “The information you passed on so clearly and skillfully will help me make more informed decisions pointing Denke in the right direction for future exports.”  

By David Logan, Denke Laboratories, Inc. an attendee at our ECR Category XI workshop.


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